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SKILSAW is the leader in providing the saws you need, whether it’s for wood cutting or jobsite needs, such as cutting new materials. SKILSAW has been serving its customers since 1924 when it invented the SKILSAW, the first portable circular saw. The invention of the circular saw also brought worm drive gearing in its worm drive saws, SKILSAW’s best known product.

At, we offer the full line of SKILSAW saws, starting with the Worm Drive Saws. Due to the motor being in line with the blade, the Worm Drive saw has a narrow profile making it easier for users to get into restricted spaces. The Worm Drive saw also has a longer distance between the handle and blend, giving the user greater reach in making a cut. SKILSAW Sidewinder saws, on the other hand, are direct drive saws and designed with the motor next to the blade. This makes the saw wider and shorter, but also easier to control. SKILSAW also offers benchtop and reciprocating saws, as well as accessories.

Whatever you cutting needs are, from framing to major renovations, SKILSAW saws has the perfect saw for you. Find your perfect SKILSAW tool on