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Holding Strong since 1941 is the ultimate testament to Wilton’s precision manufacturing of Vises, Clamps, and Hammers. Wilton vises have a rich history from being used in WWII to the automotive industry in the late 50s the bullet design created by founder Hugh Vogl remains the leading vise in the industrial market today. Wilton embodies reliability and durability throughout their vise lineup so whether you're in need of a bench vise, machine vise, or even a Truck/ATV hitch vise rest assured that when you purchase a Wilton vise you are getting the best!

Along with durable vises Wilton also offers a full selection of clamps. From light-duty C-Clamps to full grade USA Brute Force clamps Wilton has the perfect clamp for the application. F-Clamps are also available and if you're looking for a quick grip the heavy duty Lever Clamps might be exactly what you need as they offer quick adjustments. Last, but certainly not least if you’re tired of broken sledgehammers and splitting mauls get one that is literally unbreakable! That’s right; Wilton offers striking tools that are so durable they say if you can break one they’ll pay you. With unbreakable handle technology, a safety plate to secure the head, no slip grip, and an anti-vibe neck a BASH Hammer will stand up to any job, outworking and outlasting the competition.