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Crack Repair

Need to seal leaking cracks, voids, or fractures in concrete or solid masonry? We've got what you need. At, we offer Simpson Crack Pac Crack Repair Kits so that you can repair those cracks easily and effectively. Using a unique formula that is two-part, high solid, and low-viscosity (like a light oil), Simpson Crack Pac forms a powerful epoxy that can penetrate into fine and medium width cracks. If you wanted coverage, that's what you get with this crack repair kit from Simpson Strong Tie. Simpson Crack Pac works as soon as you combine the resin and the hardener, which happens when you thread the nozzle onto the cartridge. As the nozzle is threaded, the hardener is released into the resin-filled cartridge – just turn the knob at the base of the nozzle. Shake to mix and start repairing cracks instantly with Simpson Crack Pac from Simpson Strong Tie. Did we mention that it becomes an expanding foam that provides a flexible seal in leaking and non-leaking cracks? Bottom line: this crack repair kit works.