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Epoxy Anchoring Adhesives

Simpson Strong–Tie products are better. They create products that can easily use and save money on projects. The Simpson Strong-Tie EpoxyAnchoring Adhesives are one of these products.Adhesive Cartridge Estimator offers Epoxy Anchoring Adhesives from Simpson Strong-Tie to meet all of your needs in adhesive anchoring projects, whether its high-traffic infrastructure or do-it-yourself projects. These products are strong and versatile and perform well in a wide range of weather conditions. offers ET-HP epoxy adhesive, designed specifically to be used in concrete and masonry projects. SET epoxy is a non shrink epoxy usable in damp and wet anchor sites. SET 3G high strength epoxy, the newest innovation from Simpson Strong-Tie, can be used in various environmental conditions and temperature extremes. SET XP high strength epoxy is perfect for both dry or water-saturated concrete projects. All of Simpson Strong-Tie epoxy products use a two-part system with resin and hardener dispensed simultaneously through the mixing nozzle. offers all epoxy anchoring adhesives you need in the Simpson Strong-Tie line. is committed to providing our customers with the best products available. That’s why we offer Simpson Strong-Tie.