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Powder-Actuated Tool Fastening Systems

If you need the best performance in direct fastening, then a Powder Actuated Tool is exactly what you're looking for. We carry a wide variety of Simpson Strong Tie and BluePoint Ramset guns and fasteners, as well as a large selection of drive pins and Red Head Anchors to ensure you have the right tools and equipment for the job. is the contractor's favorite source for any powder actuated tools and accessories.

Powder actuated tools were developed during the World War II and have since changed the way we build in a tremendous way. These popular tools are widely used on job sites around the world, helping us to improve both project integrity and efficiency. For example, a Ramset gun uses shot powder loads for fastening applications in concrete and steel, making fastening fast, simple, and powerful. We carry semi-automatic and fast cycling Simpson Strong Tie guns that are sure to get your fastening done quickly and effectively. Simpson Strong-Tie Ramset guns are engineered for continuous use, high reliability and low maintenance. If you need to fasten through extremely hard material, a powder actuated tool is your best bet. Let us take care of your fastening and Ramset gun needs with our selection of powder actuated tools and accessories.