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JET Metalworking


Jet covers all bases with their metal working products and they are sure to have something for every job. Their 15-Ton Hydraulic Press is great for pressing, bending and straightening. The side frames are open to accommodate long materials. There is a hand crank to lower and raise the table with minimal effort and two bedplates and pump handles. There is also a handy pressure gauge for direct readings during operation. 

Save yourself the trouble of clean up with the Cabinet Dust Collector. It hooks right up takes care of all pesky dust and chipped metal fragments. There is an easy empty drawer and an easily replaceable air filter. It has non-sparking, aluminum housing and fan blade. This unit is portable due to the four caster and two guide handles. Perhaps the best feature of is the lack of something: loud noises. In metalworking it can get very noisy, and this dust collector is one machine you don’t have to worry about ear protection around. 

The JET Lathe with a tapper attachment has some very convenient feature such as an enclosed gearbox for smooth an quiet operation, as well as hardened and ground gears in the headstock and gearbox. Speed changes can be preformed very quickly and simply. There is an independent leadscrew and feed rod. This lathe is equipped with compound and cross slide backlash elimination to make your job a little bit easier.