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Pyramex Safety

There is nothing more important than your personal safety when you’re working on a project that requires heights, heavy machinery, or any kind of power tool. When you’re on the job, you want to make sure you’re covered and protected in the best way possible. Whether it’s your eyes, ears, or your head, safety is extremely important in any type of construction. FastoolNow’s selection of Pyramex Safety gear is some of the best in the industry. Comfortable, sturdy, and stylish are what come to mind when describing Pyramex safety glasses and Pyramex hard hats.

With a vast collection of ear plugs to protect your hearing from loud noises such as working near heavy equipment, or when you use power tool, you are sure to find the protection you are looking for. If you are in the market for more protection from chemicals or the sun, our Pyramex safety glasses are scratch resistant, making it easier for you to get the job done. Whatever sort of protection you are looking for your job, Pyramex safety products have everything you need.

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